Driverless cars

a DSP team project

Brief interpretation

The brief we received for the DSP team project is Driverless Cars. We chose to focus on the in-car entertainment aspect. Consider the future is represented by Driverless Cars. If so, what will you do in the car?This is the... Continue Reading →

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Final Design

Taking into consideration the findings of the Usability Report work on the Final Design was started. First of all we made a logo for our system named uDrive. Then the persistent UI was redesigned so it would be more usable... Continue Reading →

Final Presentation

Usability testing

Due to time constraints and the basic nature of the wireframe qualitative rather than quantitative testing was used: with the focus being on recording user's feedback and confusion/comprehension of the wireframe design. Combining screen recorded interaction sessions with the clickable... Continue Reading →


Taking our initial sketches we refined them into a Wireframe that resembles almost perfectly what the position for the final elements will be. These wireframes are used in the Wireframe Mock-up app in Invision and is linked further down as... Continue Reading →

App Mock-up

In order to be able to properly test and showcase the app responsible for our main passenger-car interaction we decided to use Invision. In order to test the capabilities of the tool and see as a rough sketch what it would... Continue Reading →

Further Sketches

Before we start Wireframing we continued sketching Scenarios for the different app functionalities. Real-time Navigation The most important part of the app, this section will show the passengers in real-time what the car is doing, what the sensors see and how... Continue Reading →

Early Sketches and Scenarios

Coming off the finished Research and Interim presentation we have started sketching some early designs and Scenarios for what we intend to have part of the app UI. Since our main display needs to be mimicked on the Side Windows... Continue Reading →

Affinity Diagrams and Personas

The qualitative data gathered with the survey has been organised with the affinity diagram, which helped disclose key overall themes. The Affinity diagram helped us process the qualitative data and group the data into categories. Raw data was captured on post-it... Continue Reading →

Interim Presentation

As part of the project process we had to do a presentation on our status, what our interpretation of the brief is, what everyone will be doing and generally presenting our work.

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